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GOP Tax Bill Almost Certain To Hurt MBAs

It’s quite possible that MBA programs’ tuition fees will increase a lot very soon, due to a new tax reform bill currently discussed by the American Congress.

FT Executive MBA ranking 2017: a new challenger at number two

The Global Asia executive MBA program (a joint project by Columbia Business School, London Business School and the University of Hong Kong) has taken the second place in the Financial Times EMBA rankings (2017) after entering the list for the first time.

When MBAs have second thoughts about their first career choices

Jeroen Kemperman’s dream was to become a cofounder of a tech startup after graduating from IESE business school. His new project called Treeveo raised €250,000 in just several weeks. One of his projective clients was Hewlett Packard. Sadly, Treeveo was closed only two and a half years after it got started, which happens to many startup companies.

The Most Desirable Business Schools

Although there are vocal concerns that the MBA degree’s popularity is about to hit its all-time low, the number of applications at world’s best business schools is still rising.

Barcelona business schools braced for fallout from Catalan crisis

Michael Wurth, 28, an American MBA student, was not put out with Spain’s Catalan crisis when he entered IESE Business School. He was unfazed by both the Barcelona terrorist attack and the referendum for Catalan independence.

How executive MBA students are learning to negotiate

Due to Brexit, the ability to negotiate is now more important than ever. Since Great Britain decided to leave the European Union, long and difficult negotiations will be needed to conclude new commercial treaties. Does the UK have enough skilled people to conduct them?

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