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What employers want from MBA graduates — and what they don’t

Recruiters usually complain about difficulties of finding suitable employees.

An MBA-Like Program Solely for Female Students

For women MBAs, the biggest problem is considered to be the fact that they have to compete with men for a spot in the sun. Mostly, female MBA graduates earn less than their male counterparts. Yet, not all women agree with this – like the Indian economics graduate who found the courage to fight the system.

Finance Graduates Stick with Britain despite Brexit

Britain continues to be the primary destination for specialists in finance.

What It Now Costs To Get an INSEAD MBA

Logically, if you enrol into an MBA program that lasts only for a year, it should be twice as cheap than if you choose a two-year MBA. Additionally, you’d have to allocate less money for accommodations and food.

Tesla Heads To Tuck For 1st Case Comp

A large case competition will be hosted by Dartmouth Tuck Business School this September. The competition will include several business school teams. New Tesla Model 3 is expected to be featured prominently at this event.

AI creeps into the work of MBA careers advisers

Thanks to technology, the process of finding the first postgraduate job has become different now. Many startups (some of them launched by former MBA students) are dealing directly with careers departments at business schools.

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