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What MBAs Really Want From Employers

The primary interest of MBAs looking for a job is money: that’s the aspect of work they value above all else.

Chinese students and political uncertainty drive rise in applications for financial courses

Nowadays, with uncertain global politics and economy, financial degree holders are in highest demand. This spells good news for universities and schools teaching finance, as there are more and more people who want to obtain their education there.

Over A Third Of Stanford MBAs Do Startups

According to The Financial Times’ recent research on businesses, the ratio of Stanford, Babson and MIT alumni launching their own startups no later than 3 years after graduation is more than 1:3. All in all, 36% of 2013 students have started their own companies.

The Case For Getting Your MBA In Asia

Is there any chance for Asia to become the new USA or Europe in terms of business education? A year ago, most would say tentatively: “Maybe in years, but surely not today”. And yet, the world of 2017 is radically different from that of 2016.

Biggest Challenge for MBA Deans? Innovation

One would think that business schools today have many pressing problems, like keeping their best professors or ensuring there are enough people in class next year, but a recent study shows that this is not the case.

Business School Deans Confess Their ‘Favorite’ Mistakes

For many people, a time comes in their lives to reconsider their career and re-analyze their plans for the future. Most often, the best way to do it is enrolling into a business school. It gives you a break from your job, new skills and knowledge and ample time to make a self-discovery journey.

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