How To Make Your B-School Application Process Easier

If you plan ahead, applying for an MBA program will become much less stressful, and your chances will improve greatly. Our recommendations will help you to prepare thoroughly and to make your application package far more competitive.

Single Women At Business Schools

The question of gender balance in business has always been difficult: whereas it is beyond doubt that there are many more women now at b-schools than in all earlier years, equality is not so easy to achieve.

UK Education Fair ‘Doing Business in English’ – April 22, Hyatt Regency Kyiv

Business Link Education Agency invites you to attend the 10th annual UK Education Fair ‘Doing Business in English 2017’.

Your Choice of Business Program

It is well known that studying at an MBA program is rather expensive and requires considerable sacrifices in time and effort. That is why every future MBA students gives a lot of thought to make sure that their school of choice suites them in every aspect.

How MBAs May Be Satisfied With Their Jobs

 Nowadays, it’s quite tricky to get an MBA to work for you. To recruit MBA degree holders, HRs give them literally all they want: huge remunerations, options to work remotely and flexi-times.

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