NYU Stern and ESMT Launch Scholarship Programs for Women

It’s not exactly a very big secret that in the last decades many business schools have been doing their absolute best to facilitate women’s paths to a business education. Here, in this review, we will emphasize some new steps towards having more women in universities’ student bodies.

Do the financial benefits of an MBA outweigh the costs?

This is the story of Matt Bulloch, a startup-launching entrepreneur who made a decision to obtain an MBA degree at Stanford when his company was already on the rise. Was it a sensible investment? Did it bring him more upsides than downsides?

What do MBA admissions directors want in applicants?

It’s surely not an easy thing to get into a business school, let alone to some of the best MBA programs out there. Besides the difficult application process, candidates have to overcome the very difficult task of taking the GMAT. Additionally, applicants to b-schools have to somehow finance their studies and to support themselves while being out of their jobs.

Kyiv School of Economics invites you to MBA OPEN HOUSE on February, 21st!

Kyiv School of Economics opens its doors for the new cohort of managers and invites to KSE MBA OPEN HOUSE on February, 21st. Join us to meet our faculty, network with a vibrant KSE community and get the flavor of our unique MBA program!  

The Best MBA Career Centers

It all started when Regina Regazzi, the new assistant dean of Career Management at the UCLA business school, was looking at the list of fresh 2011 graduates and wondering where they would get a job after the ceremony.

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