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Destruction Of Myths About The Prominent MBAs Schools

Myths about business schools spread among many students.

B-Schools React To Paris Agreement

In 2016, the Paris Agreement was made, where almost 200 countries agreed that global warming should be kept at bay and greenhouse gases should be curbed. It was an unprecedented commitment uniting most of the world’s governments.

3 Tips to Getting the Most Out of Business School

Obtaining your degree at a business program is not easy. Even if you are an excellent student and are prepared to face every challenge possible, sometimes you will feel exhausted – which is completely normal.

Work Experience in Your MBA Admissions Profile

With each passing year, more and more universities start welcoming applicants who didn’t have a chance to gain any job experience after college.

HEC Tops Economist Debut MIM Ranking

In The Economist’s ranking of programs for masters in management, HEC School of Management (Paris) took the top spot. An impressive nine out of ten places were taken by European business schools among one-year graduate programs.

Why MBA Is Better Than JD Or MD

As you know, education is one of the most costly things in the US. Thousands of students are left with enormous debts when they graduate. What is more, is it true that investing in education even pays off afterwards?

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