Top MBA Startups: Best Of The Rest

Every year, lots and lots of startups get off the ground. But how many of them are actually successful? Some make top rankings, others just barely stay under the cream of the crop. Here, we are going to talk about startup companies launched by MBA graduates, which did not enter the top 100 rating, but still are worth our attention.

Business Schools With The Best MBA Teaching Faculty

This article provides a comparison of two business schools with quite out-of-the-ordinary MBA curriculums. In Tepper School of Business, which has the relatively smaller program, students have a set range of courses to choose from, whereas Chicago Booth can boast a stunning diversity of subjects.

Cornell’s College Of Business Gets $150 Million Naming Gift

Recently, the College of Business of Cornell University received a tremendously large donation: a gift of 150 million dollars by H. Fisk Johnson.

Global MBA Programs See A Resurgence

According to a recent survey (the Application and Enrollment Report), the number of candidates trying to get into schools with MBA programs has increased in the previous several years – and quite significantly so: by five percent.

Should You Get a Degree in Business?

When it comes to choosing what to study in college, it’s usually not such an easy choice to make. Most people set their eyes on something they like a lot, have talent for and something which is career-promising into the bargain.

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