You Can Do It: Reject Rejection!

The coming of the new 2017 year has been a time of change for everyone; some people have made life-transforming resolutions, others were waiting for important news – especially, news about getting admitted to university. If your letter was one of acceptance, then we congratulate you.

5-Step Checklist Before Submitting Your Applications

Sending an application to a business school is an exhausting and difficult task. It always makes people nervous, as there are countless possibilities to think of: “What if they don’t like my essay? What if I get rejected?”.

4 Things To Do If You Can’t Define Your MBA Goals

Best universities are seeking applicants who know what they’re doing and have an understanding of what their MBA means for their careers. That’s why all business schools emphasize the importance of your essays. To make the hard decision of choosing only the best candidates, admissions committees have to be entirely sure of the people they are accepting.

How to Choose Between the GMAT and GRE and Start Preparing

Many prospective MBAs are worried about the choice between two types of exams to enter the university: GMAT and GRE. Are they really that different? Which one should you choose? How do you prepare for each of them?

Non-Traditional Work Experience in MBA Admissions

Aspiring MBAs, such as lawyers, officers and medical doctors, often wonder whether their background will be useful in business school class discussions. Actually, there is no reason to be nervous about it, as non-traditional experience may be just what the school needs. How is this possible? Read on and find out.

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