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2018 B-School Rankings: First Place Taken by Harvard and Wharton

Recently, new business school rankings were released by U.S. News & World Report. In all preceding years, Harvard Business School enjoyed the first place in the list, but this time it will have to share with Wharton School.

How Should B-School Scholarships Be Awarded?

Apart from being so expensive, full-time MBA programs mean that you’ll have to leave your job for two years – so you lose even more money than you thought. Hence the popular opinion that only rich people can afford an MBA.

MBA Programs Going Online

New technologies have altered everything in our lives, education included. Online courses from respected universities are becoming all the rage now, as everybody values their time too much to waste it on coming to class in person.

Is It Really an MBA that Women Want?

If we look at the picture of higher education in the US, we’ll learn that women are more represented than men in most bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programs. For instance, the year before last, 57% of all bachelor’s degrees and 60% of master’s and PhD degrees were obtained by female students.

Students’ Favorite MBA Programs

Obviously, students don’t come to MBA programs to stay. The sole purpose of business education is to propel your career forward by learning crucial skills and obtaining a much larger salary. So how do we know when a business school program is the best? By its students saying “I’d like to come back there”.

B-Schools With The Most ‘Unicorn’ Founders

 ‘Unicorns’ are companies with a value which equals 1 billion dollars or more. In the last few years, such companies have become not as rare as they have been before. Sage (a software company headquartered in London) has collected information about which business schools can boast more unicorn-founding alumni.

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