Half of MBA Graduates Take Up Completely New Fields

Sometimes, even if your post-MBA life and career have been carefully planned, your path can still take a surprising turn. The road to success can sometimes get very unexpected and non-trivial. It does not have to be a bad thing, either – if you still find success on your way.

Britain’s Most Costly Higher Education Centers

Entering a higher education institution requires a lot of cash. You will have to pay for tuition and basic necessities for two to three years, all the time while being out of a job. For many prospective students, it may seem bordering on the impossible, even if you get a student loan or a scholarship.

Golden Boy Startups Going Down In Spite Of Angel Investment

Since 2012, all newly launched startups were ranked based on one ranking parameter, namely, the raised investment funding. That’s why all best startups were those that had raised hundreds, or possibly millions.

NYU Stern and ESMT Launch Scholarship Programs for Women

It’s not exactly a very big secret that in the last decades many business schools have been doing their absolute best to facilitate women’s paths to a business education. Here, in this review, we will emphasize some new steps towards having more women in universities’ student bodies.

Do the financial benefits of an MBA outweigh the costs?

This is the story of Matt Bulloch, a startup-launching entrepreneur who made a decision to obtain an MBA degree at Stanford when his company was already on the rise. Was it a sensible investment? Did it bring him more upsides than downsides?

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