Business Link was set up in 1997 and is a highly specialized educational agency, linking British educators and Ukrainian students.

We are a team of 30 professionals, with 13 full-time client counsellors all specializing on the UK, and a dedicated marketing team. You can meet our team members at most of the professional workshops in the industry: Studyworld, Alphe, ICEF, BBSW, WEBA etc.

We strive to achieve excellence in our service both to our clients in Ukraine and in the UK, providing top expertise in British education to Ukrainian students, and sharing local market knowledge with British educators, interested in developing their business in the CIS countries.

Still exploring an ‘emerging’ market here in Ukraine, we’ve seen a stable growth in numbers over the years: now sending at least 500 students a year to Britain, of which about 50 are boarding school students (first year), and between 20 to 30 each year university age academic students.

As we specialize in programmes offered in the UK only, we try our best to know all the educational establishments we work with in detail. Our main partners are regularly visited by our staff so that we can build realistic expectations for our clients and select the best quality schools to work with.

Latest news
22nd–23rd October – British Boarding Schools Weekend in Kyiv

Directors and representatives of 24 top-class British independent schools are coming to Kyiv for a weekend to meet Ukrainian families. 

Hot off the Press: The British Universities Directory 2014/2015

Order your free copy of the British Universities Directory in Russian (2nd annual edition) by ‘Business Link’ Educational agency. The directory is just out of print! 


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