HeadHunter KZ
HeadHunter KZ

HeadHunter Group operates in the market of Internet recruitment since 2000. Now hh.kz is a leading online resource for job search and recruitment. HeadHunter business model is built on selling information from the database of resumes.

The company's strategy - investing in new technologies and the continuous improvement of our service.
The company's mission: help HR-managers and recruiters and in time to close the job;
contribute to job applicants to find decent work.

Most applicants in site are: middle managers and senior executives. Quality of place on the site summary provided by careful manual moderation. Convenient functional hh.kz allows the site to attract the best candidates and employers - to quickly and accurately search for staff.

HeadHunter Kazakhstan is the organizer of the project "HR-Brand Award of Kazakhstan".



Format: Internet recruitment
Audience: professionals, executives, managers, senior managers

Link: hh.kz