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ESCP Europe is a high level institution committed to producing and transmitting knowledge in management in accordance with international standards shared by the management education community. And developing business skills, fostering personal growth and the acquisition of the human qualities required for top-level executives.

In accordance with European values and thanks to the diversity of talents recruited in various countries of the world, it shapes business leaders with the multicultural skills, flexibility, and knowledge to work in a global world.

Through its European mission based on a multi-campus structure, the school contributes to the development of the competitiveness of European companies, the progress of society and the performance of people and organizations in the global economy.

Detecting talent:

ESCP Europe is highly selective in its student recruiting.

Teaching refinement:

We develop refined pedagogy adapted to our different programmes (student and executive) and to our broad range of student origins.

Imaginative research:

Our Faculty conduct imaginative research raising questions on topics from future options and derivatives to semiotics, published in top ranking academic journals, books, and widespread opinion-leading press.

With & for the corporate world:

With over 700 company executives presenting their experience, 5,000 managers in corporate executive programmes, and active company involvement through theChairs and the ESCP Europe Foundation, ESCP Europe has a strong relationship with the corporate world and develops an expertise to support firms competitiveness.

European mission:

To contribute to the development of Europe, defining a model for European management, interacting intensively with the other regions of the world.  To produce knowledge on European management. To foster the link between European humanistic values and management.

Urban & urbane:

In & of major European cities, at home through our 5 campuses, at the heart of history, culture, emerging lifestyles and trends and business, proximity with headquarters, innovative projects and companies.

Human in a Human World:

An education based on mutual learning where human values, the diversity of a multicultural environment, teamwork, fair play, social commitment, and the challenge of ethical dilemmas, construct the framework for managerial values such as accountability, exacting guidance, initiative spirit, attention to detail, social responsibility and for the cultural values needed to understand the world.



Persentage of female students: 46%
Persentage of international students: 72%


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