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22 Feb, 2018
16:00 - 22:00
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Premier Palace Hotel
5-7/29 T. Shevchenka Blvd. Pushkinska St
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About the event

MBA25 Business Education Forum — is the first platform for middle and top managers interested in business education.

We are gathering best experts of this field at one place:

    • Admission representatives from top 25 business schools 
    • Founders, СЕО, ТОР-managers, HR-s from top international companies
    • Business schools` professors
    • MBA alumni
    • Top test preparation companies
    • Scholarship consultants

      The participation is free. Pre-registration is required.

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List of schools

At MBA25 Business Education Forum find your ideal education by visiting three areas of the event:

МВА Space:

Place, where personal meetings with business school representatives and alumni are held.

In order to be pre-selected for the meeting, candidates have to register for the event, fill their personal profile, choose the school or alumni and select relevant time slot for the meeting.


Info session & workshop space:

Place, where candidates can:
  • find out general info about business schools
  • compare different education formants during panel discussions with representatives from each field
  • listen to the latest trends from specialists with MBA background in marketing, sales, hr and finance fields
  • take part in Q&A session with MBA alumni

Networking hall:

Place, where the alternative, corporate and online education centres are presenting their services and possibilities.

Additionally, participants will have a chance to get consultations from scholarship and test prep consultants.

How to get MBA:

MBA25 Business Education Forum — the first step on the way to get both MBA or EMBA.

In order to make a choice between Master of Business Administration and Executive Master of Business Administration:

1. Find out the difference between programs on the link.
2. Follow the (E)MBA Candidate Way:


Brian Hallett is a professional photographer and image‐maker with more than 20 years of experience in 18 countries. He creates effective and exciting Brand stories for Cartier, Mastercard, Hugo Boss, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Max Factor, ESPN, Patek Phillipe, Hyundai, BMW, Pantene и Wella.

In this Master Class taught by IE Professor Brian Hallett, we will explore one of the most mysterious and misunderstood aspects of the entire digital revolution: WHAT MAKES ONLINE BRANDED CONTENT AND CAMPAIGNS GO VIRAL?

Together we will examine specific case studies of brands, both large and small, that have successfully used the power of the internet, social media and "sharing" to spread their messages far and wide. And most importantly, we look at the key success factors which Brands employ to get their message out.

Gen Z: How they will change the world as we know

General Manager, Red Bull Tetiana Lukyniuk teaches Strategic Marketing at the MBA program of Kyiv School of Economics and also at Chartered Institute of Marketing. 

She has over 20 years of experience on senior leadership positions at international companies, including 11 years in marketing: Gallaher, Coca-Colа (Brand Manager), Oriflame and SUN InBev Ukraine (Marketing Director), Mars Ukraine (National Sales Manager).

Tetiana will talk about Gen Z: How they will change the world as we know?

How do generations of Y and Z differ? What are the main DNA trends, that affect our lives, business, and the future?

New generations irrevocably change the world. How hard and for how long?



18:30 - 18:50

Презентация от представителей приемной комиссии программ бизнес-школы

19:00 - 20:30

Лекция от Gianluca Pallini

"Бизнес-стратегия устойчивого роста в европейской и итальянской среде."

20:30 - 21:00

Панельная дискуссия с успешными ESCP Europe Alumni



Cocktail Networking

Приглашаем всех участников на завершающую часть мероприятия. Общайтесь с представителями бизнес-школы, выпускниками и другими участниками. Находите новые знакомства в неформальной обстановке МВА Cocktail Networking.




Academy of Business Innovations
Business Consulting Academy
English Prime
K.Fund Media
Kyiv School of Economics
MBA Strategy
Up and down career centre
Академия ДТЭК
Бизнес Академия 4SMART
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Anastasiia Starchenko

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What is an MBA25 event?
MBA25 runs special MBA Boutique Events connecting the best business schools with the best candidates. 
Who are participants of MBA25?
Official representatives from TOP Business Schools, members of Admissions board and alumni meet with those who are interested in getting an MBA degree.  
How can I register for MBA25?
To participate in an MBA25 event, you need to register at the events page and fill in all the fields of the application form accurately and honestly. A couple of days before the event you will receive the agenda, your personal invitation, and all the event details by email. Please don’t forget to check your spam folder in order not to miss any important correspondence.
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