RBC.Seminars is an online catalog of short-term business education.

Project started in October 2003.

Our partners are more than 100 leading educational and training companies in Russia.
Daily on our website are presented over 4,500 seminars and trainings.
Annually through our are trained about a thousand people!
Our mission is professional development of managers and executives at all levels with the use of new technology and the best training program.

RBC.Seminars represent:

• The information in one place in a single format. There is no need to browse through dozens of websites and to ring to dozens of companies  in order to obtain information related to your destination.

• Individual approach to customers. Managers will help you to choose the most effective programs for individual and corporate business training, or offer an alternative option if the selected program won't satisfy you.

• Exclusive conditions. Our clients receive discounts on seminars of our partners.

• We appreciate your time. Search form and on-line registration allows our customers to reduce the time of the request.

Partner profile

Name: RBC.Seminars

Format: online catalog of short-term business education

Audience: managers


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