Startup Ukraine presents a new model of a catalyzing startup nation movement. It aims to create a new approach, new culture and thereby new movement for entrepreneurs in Ukraine. Based in Kiev Startup Ukraine is an educational center for entrepreneurs offering:

  • long and short-term programs;
  • master classes, workshops, trainings, seminars;
  • conferences on entrepreneurship;
  • business camps;
  • business breakfast, etc.

Startup Ukraine seeks to quality education for young professionals and entrepreneurs, striving to create, grow and develop their own business. Through its business support services (consulting) and programs Startup Ukraine has already mustered a huge community of Ukrainian entrepreneurs. Here are some channels:

  • more than 3000 participants over the last 1.5 years (educational programs);
  • more than 150 graduates;
  • more than 300 participants of lectures and master-classes;
  • more than 50 graduates have realized their dreams and started small business after graduation.

Partner profile

Name: Startup Ukraine

Format: educational center for entrepreneurs

Audience: entrepreneurs

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