CEO Club Ukraine

CEO Club Ukraine


CEO  Club  Ukraine –  private  business  club that brings  together  CEOs  and  business  owners  with the sake of mutual development, communica;on and interaction.


CEO Club is a community of business leaders, who:

-  Create and develop their businesses;

-  Appreciate freedom, innovation, personal development;

-  Consider business as their life’s work

-  Have a positive reputation and respect the country they work in;

-  Do not stop in development, aspire new heights and achievements.


Club facts

Year of establishment: 2011

Number of events per year: more that 40

Number of members: more than 90

Number of participants of  open events (yearly): more than 500


Mission: To unite business leaders in effective community and by helping each other, learning

from each other, achieve greater results in personal and business development.



1)  Uniting leaders: forming of value based community of business leaders in Ukraine.

2)  Leaders  development:  creating  tools  and  opportunities  for  personal  and  business


3)  Consistent creation: building an effective communication system, achieving

maximum interaction between community members, creation of a long-term

cooperation and support to members of CEO Club Ukraine.

4)  Influencing  the  formingof  a  favorable  business  environment  in


Partner profile

Name: CEO Club

Audience: CEO and business owners


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