Day.Az - information service on a national scale. The project combines the functions of a daily newspaper, analytical magazine and news agency.

During its existence Day.Az site became one of the most famous and influential Azerbaijani media network.

Day.Az combines the efficiency of presenting information with depth study of topics related to the events of national and international scale. In its editorial policy Day.Az focuses on independent author's evaluation of events, offering users an original journalistic material.

Daily Online - commentary from leading experts, recognized not only in Azerbaijan, but also beyond. This approach not only allows readers to fully represent current events, but also to predict their further development.

Among readers Day.Az - employees of large public and private corporations, ministries and departments. Substantial part of the audience is people who are employed in the management.

Structure of the site, namely the principle of forming materials on the subject, not only provides a quick search of the necessary relevant information, but also allows you to follow the chronicle of events.



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Format: information service on a national scale

Audience: experts, managers, managers, senior managers


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