Informativeness, accessibility, creativity. These qualities to the "five points" corresponds to an educational project launched September 17, 2012 - STUDENTS.AZ - All universities of Azerbaijan.

The project was developed by professional programmers, designers, psychologists and teachers for a very specific target audience and pretentious. 75% of visitors - potential applicants are Azerbaijani citizens seeking to enroll in universities of Baku and other educational centers. On the basis of test surveys, serious analytical work identified rubrics enjoying the students, applicants and their parents increased interest: universities of Azerbaijan, ratings, passing scores, study abroad. The resource is designed for students not only in this country, but for all who are interested in the fate of higher education. It holds the information from the rating, which compares not only the leading universities of Baku and other cities, and ending ... (however, rapidly updated resources on the site).

Particular attention is paid to the project developers prompt coverage of universities, their participation in innovative projects, the development of education in general, the inclusion of national education in the global cultural space.

Great idea became intelligent selection of specialties. Prospective student can use it when choosing a career. ISPS is based on two principles: testing capabilities and the estimated number of points entrant. After receiving the required information, and calculates the ISPS everyone recommends a list of suitable professions. At the same time, you can compare the results and passing scores in the universities of Azerbaijan at different faculties and specialties.

The "Intelligent selection system specialties" is based on the latest research in the field of psychology of work, and under the heading "Passing grade" promptly updated data management services of higher educational institutions of the country. The number of fans of the site is growing every day, especially since Page "First student portal of Azerbaijan" appeared in the social network Facebook.



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Format: an educational projec

Audience: experts, managers, managers, senior managers


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