Vertical job search Buljobs provides quick and convenient access to the ads in Bulgarian web space like aggregates offers three main types of sources:
Internet job portals
companies-employers who directly seek employees
companies and recruiters.
Through specialized search platform, Buljobs indexed job offer to automatically monitor their topicality and offers effective methods for systematizing / classification and content filtering by various criteria: profile position, sector, location, keywords, company name or agency recruitment.

After selecting an offer from a search engine, the user is directed to the origin of the ad (job sites, corporate web site company or employer-page free positioning of HR agency) where you can get detailed information about the vacancy and the company / HR agency that offer them. The search engine has a bilingual alphabetical classification of jobs in professions for the business sector as currently no other site offers.

Job applicants, Buljobs provides a new, fast and effective method to search for current job offers in Bulgaria:

  • one-click searches thousands of listings from various sources
  • saves time to scan multiple number of sites in search listings for a specific position
  • optimize the process of finding employment, based on the initial search criteria, directs the applicant to the filtered list of offers for similar positions
  • integrated into a search engine "Notifier work" retains the custom list of search criteria and automatically notify the user by Email job matching the filter.

Employers and professionals in the field of human resources Buljobs offers:
new methods to promote their job advertisements
ability to access representative statistics for trends and patterns of demand from consumers (most wanted sectors, positions, keywords) to help optimize and greater success of their offers
quick and easy way to integrate their ads in the form of xml file.
For sobstvnitsi of job portals:
Free and without any effort add your jobs in Buljobs - Search for job
And constantly updated information about your interest in ads
Interesting and rational methods for your ads
Increase traffic to your website

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Format:  job search

Audience: experts, managers, managers, senior managers


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