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Study Mentors



 Our mission at StudyMentors is to help every young person with going for studies abroad! We do this by connecting you with already experienced students from a network of student-mentors across higher education institutions.

Why do we do this?

Not so long ago all members of our team were studying abroad (see "Who are we" below). We know how many uncertainties you face after taking the decision to go for education abroad.

We strongly believe that one of the best sources of information are students themselves. The reason is that current students/alumni have first-hand experience in applying, studying, and living abroad.

So why not make it easy for prospective students to find someone who can share these experiences and help them through the process?


How do we do it?

The StudyMentors platform is a network of international people who either study or have graduated recently from universities, mainly in Europe. These people are the study mentors!

If you are planning to study abroad, you can search through our network and find your Mentor. Of course, that is not all! You can chat with your Mentor and ask any question related to applying, studying, and living abroad. Each of our Mentors is volunteering their time to help you! 

You can also ask public questions in order to get the opinion of more than one mentor. This is particularly useful if you have a general question that you want to ask. The benefit of having more Mentors answering is that you can get a more objective answer. Do not disregard this! :)

Partner profile

Name: Study Mentors

Format:  a network of international people who either study or have graduated recently from universities

Audience: experts, managers, managers, senior managers


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