Fortedo Institute helps educational and job seekers to find your desired academic and career development.

Fortedo helps employers find the necessary specialists. And conduct trainings.

Institute Fortedo you can refer to:

- Education Abroad
- Language Courses
- Work Abroad
- Selection and Optimization of Human Resources.

In terms of language courses, the institute specializes in offering intensive and fast programs for people who move to live in a foreign country immediately after the course. Quickly with us to form groups to higher levels, usually C1. Traditionally, speakers lived abroad at least 2 years.

In terms of advice to prospective students and job seekers, the Institute is recognized as the organization with the best service. All our consultants have lived abroad and have no linguistic or cultural barriers at work. Conduct a study about which universities or companies are most suitable for the candidate. At the institute has continuous internal training consultants career guidance, preparation of documents and HR. After each study or training seek feedback.

In terms of HR Services (Recruitment and optimization) Fortedo specializes in recruitment of foreign languages. Offers optimization of business processes that use foreign language. To us, please contact Recruitment for positions with different requirements - programmer, lawyer, accountant, marketing expert, PR expert human resources, office assistant, office manager, manager of the department and others.



Partner profile

Name: Fortedo

Format: Institute

Audience: experts, managers, managers, senior managers


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