What the Finance

What the Finance





WTF - What the finance -  smart&glance magazine covering current and timeless issues on economics and finance.

Range of themes:

  • macroeconomics analytics;
  • sociopolitical forecasts;
  • apology of consuming in scope of current globe trends;
  • analytics of business success-stories;
  • methodology of pop-culture and how it affects consumers decision-making;
  • intuitive trend-setting.

Our readers are businessmen, officials, top management, consumers of premium goods and services, being involved into the happening around and caring about that, our readers are those who try and manage to found business on the grounds of mutual trust and respect.

Publishing House “Funk-Media” Nighny Novgorod, Minina Str., 3

Tel.: +7 (920) 0262151, +7 (831) 4220257




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Name: What the Finance

Format: magazine about business and politics and economy

Audience: specialists, managers, TOP-managers

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