Бизнес Журнал

Бизнес Журнал


The Business Magazine ( is the most widely published all-Russian business paper for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and CEOs. It is published monthly in more than 50 regions of Russia with a total circulation of about  80,000 copies.

The magazine is an open platform for the exchange of business experience and promotion of modern financial, marketing and management solutions. Spreading information on better business practices, the magazine is focusing on the practical aspects of running a business in Russia. The key topics of The Business Magazine are the following:

-      innovative industries

-      assessment of business attractiveness in different market segments

-      diagnostics of markets, segments and individual companies

-      success stories and experience gained from failures

-      legislation and taxes

-      business technologies

-      methods and techniques of effective business practices

-      implication of  information technologies to improve business performance

-      topical issues in asset management

-      loans and leasing

-      strategic and portfolio investments

-      financial consulting and insurance.

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Name: The Business Magazine

Format: business issue

Audience: entrepreneurs, business owners, managers and CEOs

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