Босс журнал

Босс журнал


B.O.S.S. magazine is an independent political and economic monthly for the heads of the government structures and major commercial companies, covering the problems and practice of successful businesses.

The magazine was launched in 1997 and has an average print-run of 10 000 copies.


The main functions of the magazine are:

  • To help Russian managers of any level to implement a professional approach to arranging their businesses based on the up-to-date, advanced management technologies4
  • To support the initiatives of the power in regulation of the business environment and to inform the Russian business community about these initiatives;
  • To facilitate the unification of viewpoints of the power and the business to ensure their permanent development.
  • To help our readers to choose proper products and services highlighted in the.

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Format: independent political and economic monthly magazine 

Audience: experts, managers, senior managers

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