Society Initiatives Institute

Society Initiatives Institute


Society Initiatives Institute, a non-governmental organization created in May 2013 by a group of enthusiasts as a long-term project, which aims to initiate fundamental reforms in the Ukrainian society.

Key activities of SII are as follows:

  • implementation of educational and related projects for youth;
  • exchange of international experience and versatile cooperation with foreign partners;
  • popularization of science;
  • cultivating physical culture among Ukrainians;
  • creating a forum for philosophical discussions and debates in the humanitarian sphere.

The philosophy of the Institute is to bring together efforts of educated youth on the principles of rationalism and initiative for the sake of achieving a new quality of social relations in Ukraine. To this end, SII is formed by members with clearly defined leadership and authorities, as well as nonconformists, critics and free thinkers. Our organization knowingly accepts responsibility for the work that doesn’t involve obtaining instant social effect or other dividends in a public sphere. To a certain extent SII should be identified as a closed structure interested only in highly motivated individuals with a reasonable level of intelligence and independence. The main funding sources of SII are membership fees, grants and other funds and property received by SII free of charge or in the form of non-repayable financial assistance or donations. The Institute rules out the possibility of cooperation in terms when a partner receives control (in any form) over decisions of the organization. As a rule, cooperation with subjects of political process in Ukraine is not allowed. Despite the large number of formally similar movements and initiatives of questionable relevance SII seeks to distance itself from them and stresses that our goals are important and realistic and activities have practical results.

Partner profile

Name: Society Initiatives Institute

Format: educational portal

Audience: youth, the representatives of NGO

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