Foundation of Regional initiatives

Foundation of Regional initiatives


All-Ukrainian youth NGO “Foundation of Regional Initiatives” (FRI) - a powerful center for building social youth movement and training leaders of a new generation in Ukraine.

"Foundation of Regional Initiatives" (FRI) - a youth NGO that works all over Ukraine with the goal of fortifying the youth movement institutions, training and supporting the active members of youth associations and supporting the development of student and youth initiatives in general.

Mission of the Organization

  • FRI unites active Ukrainian youth which maintains proactive positions in the current national issues.
  • FRI was established with the aim to strengthen the institutions of youth movements.
  • FRI provides active Ukrainian youth with information on educational programs and trainings and therefore contributes to personal and professional development of youth.
  • FRI provides support to overall regional youth initiatives.

Partner profile

Name: Foundation of Regional initiatives

Format: Youth NGO

Audience: students, youth

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