A-priori Education Abroad

A-priori Education Abroad


Educational agency A-priori is dedicated to providing Ukrainian students with the best possible educational opportunities abroad. Through its partnerships with foreign language schools, boarding schools, international colleges and universities, A-priori is providing services that help Ukrainian students to use all possibilities of studying abroad.

Educational agency A-priori was established in 2009 to deliver academic and personal support services to Ukrainian students. 

A-priori has a main office in Kiev, and the representative offices in Odessa and Donetsk. 

A-priori provides quality services to juniors (5-16 years old), graduates (16-17 years old), students (17-25 years old) and adults (25 years and older). The agency sends students to many countries all over the world, including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Czech republic, Poland, South Africa and others.

All the staff of A-priori agency has a great experience in the sphere of education abroad. Educational counsellors visit different trainings and seminars, organized by the educational providers, participate in the conferences,  workshops and always visit partner educational establishments to get to know what conditions students study in and meet with the staff.

Partner profile

Name: A-priori

Format: educational agency

Audience: managers, graduates, students

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