The bstrat is a business simulation. It is a different kind of teaching program and the exciting business competition at the same time. Here the participant individuals/teams create their business companies in the cyber world, manage them for the several consecutive virtual years and do their best to win more virtual money in the fierce competition with the other groups. The exciting, competitive and FUN environment, which is created during the bstrat implementation process, contributes to the increasing of the retention of the new knowledge and the new skills. This drives the results of learning incomparably higher.

Tariel Zivzivadze developed bstrat in 1998. He constantly improves and conducts the program since then. More than 50 rounds were arranged for several thousands of participants up to now under different programs in the universities, in the business organizations, associations, within the students’ business Olympiads, etc. For more information please visit




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Format: educational program

Audience: Managers, business people, entrepreneurs

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