To provide an INTENSIVE and EFFICIENT training in the areas tested by the GMAT; to teach skills and strategies to help students to deal with medium- and high-difficulty questions, and thus to improve their chances to score high on the GMAT and get admission to the B-school of their choice. 

Two weeks before the test we will send you (via registered mail) pre-course material which you will need to study prior to the course. We will assume that you are familiar with all basics (math, grammar and terminology) included in the material provided. This is a prerequisite to achieve the maximum efficiency during the course. 


We strongly believe that a targeted preparation for the GMAT can help you to achieve high score on the test. We analyzed the experience of several GMAT test takers, and we based our teaching strategy on the results. Our course offers not only the topics and tips you can find in the books, but also advice on how to cope with the questions most non-native speakers of English find difficult. 

Therefore we pay special attention to:
 I. Logic, since this is the key to crack Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning and AWA. 

 II. How to read and understand texts quickly on unfamiliar topics in a foreign language. 

 III. Math terminology in English, which is a key to Problem Solving and Data Sufficiency. 

Our program is covered either during three long days or 6 short days, with many timed exercises. We guarantee that at the end of the course you will get used to the pressure, which is perhaps the most difficult challenge on the GMAT. 




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Audience: TOP-managers, marketing-managers, businessmen

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