Udruga studenata Europe-AEGEE-Zagreb

Udruga studenata Europe-AEGEE-Zagreb


AEGEE-Zagreb has been founded in 1993. Together with AEGEE-Zadar, it is one of two locals of AEGEE-Europe in Croatia.

Over the years we have successfully organized a vast number of events on both local and European level: language courses, celebrations, Summer Universities, conferences and cultural exchanges. Through our work we have met and worked with hundreads of young Europeans, whether they have stayed for a whole semester or only a few weeks, who we taught o lot about Croatia and Croatian culture.

Besides the active promotin of Croatan culture, with emphesis on the student's life in Zagreb, we have contributed in organizing meeting where the foreign students can discuss with the domestic students about EU integrations and education.

The activities that AEGEE-Zagreb is planning for the following period are presenting and promoting our organization, organizing local workshops for our members and partners, European schools and more international events.

Partner profile

Name: AEGEE-Zagreb

Format: an international youth organization

Audienceyoung people from 18-35 years, students, graduates, PhDs, MBA alumni.

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