Employment in the broader context of the strategic development of the company still has a key role. Some industries are more, some less dependent on the quality and skills of employees, or in employment generally use standard models of selection.

The first round of selection today in most of the competition for the job calls the large number of applications - usually the curriculum, and the elimination of all those who do not have a good enough CV. Depending on the competition that takes between 7-15 days. That is, you put two weeks of work to be superficial information about the candidates. How many times the difference between a good CV and good candidates was frustrating? But this is not the end. After selection of the curriculum again we need 5-10 days to test whether the candidates have the basic cognitive skills. Workpiece 20-50, sometimes more candidates, and still know little about their actual skills for the job.

We can summarize the problem of standard selection - selection process in most of the contest application processing a large number of CVs. For this you in a significant number of CVs take up to two weeks of work. What kind of information you have about the actual skills of the candidate review the curriculum? Very unreliable and custom contest.

How do we want to change? Specific on-line testing.

We have developed tests tailored to most positions in sales, marketing and finance. Tests to identify the natural skills of candidates to perform specific operations. So in a very short time you get the top 10, 20 or 50 candidates who best solve the test. Top resolved test means to have the best understanding of the job for which they compete, and natural skills that are necessary for successful performance of the job. Such information will never be able to get only on the basis of reading biographies. Then you direct resources only on those candidates, checking their resumes, references and further test and interviewing.

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Format: Online testing job applicants with a view to faster and better selection of candidates.

Audience: specialists, businessman, top managers


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