Curatio Foundations

Curatio Foundations


Founded in 1994, Curatio International Foundation (CIF) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization with a mission to improve health through better functioning health systems. CIF’s work is underpinned by three core values: Hearing Needs, Building on Local Strength; and Delivering Innovative Context-specific Solutions. For 20 years, CIF has facilitated reform processes in the social and health sectors in developing countries and transitional economies, namely in the Southern Caucasus (since 1995), Central Asia (since 1998), North Africa and Middle East (since 2004).To date, CIF has implemented over 150 projects in more than 20 countries, contributing to the well-being of thousands of children, women and men. CIF contributes to the reforms in the public health system with the belief that health, more than any other aspect of social care, determines the quality of community life. We believe that an easy access to the essential health services is vital for having well-developed and prosperous community members. CIF aims to influence public policy with the purpose of increasing the efficiency and sustainability of health systems through improving management, financial access, and quality of health care. CIF conducts unbiased analysis of the most critical issues regarding health systems and policies, and renders recommendations aimed at improving functionality and adequacy of policies. CIF works in collaboration with a network of national and international professionals and researchers in order to bridge the gap between what is known about the problems at hand and what has to be done in order to solve them. 

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