Facts and figures

100+ events held
20+ cities
20.000+ attendees
40+ top business school
and still growing…...

Since 2010, MBA25 has been connecting the best business schools of the world with the highest-potential candidates. We have designed unique event formats to make communication efficient and convenient for both sides: business schools and prospective candidates.


Boutique MBA25 Events

A series of offline events where admissions teams from top-25 business schools meet prospective MBA/EMBA applicants in different formats: 1-to-1 meetings, info sessions, round tables, and panel discussions.

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Executive MBA WANTED

This is a closed VIP community for executives, top managers, and elite businesspeople. It is not just a bridge between top companies, schools, and talented professionals – rather, it is a fusion of intelligence and communication, business and networking. Executive MBA WANTED enables event participants to establish personal contacts and share exclusive information amongst themselves.

Check out how it went in Moscow →
Individual Events

These special events uncover all sides of the specific business schools holding them. Prospective applicants can meet business school admissions representatives, professors, and alumni in one place and become a student of the business school for one day.

Check out how it went: ESCP Europe in Moscow
Online Events and Webinars

Being a marketing expert on the MBA market,
1.We know which online promotional tools work better depending on the region and mentality.
2. We cooperate with local information partners such as media platforms and test preparation companies in 21 countries.
3. We’ve built an experienced digital marketing team that uses most innovative tools for promotion and management of online events: zoom, gotomeeting, clickmeeting, etc.

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MBA25 Live Broadcast

An MBA25 Live broadcast gathers the best business schools of the world in one place to reach the largest amount of the international MBA/EMBA applicants with the help of live streaming.

Check out how it went →
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