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COVID-19 as a new challenge for the business education system

The COVID-19 crisis is a new global challenge. These days health, safety and wellbeing continues to be the foremost priorities. 

Establish the distance learning in your school efficiently

Today you have to be able to work remotely, know how to use technologies and media properly. Every business school and university has an important challenge – to put these skills together with students in real-time during distance learning.

COVID-19 and Business Education: how to avoid stagnation

Quarantine influence on almost all of our usual processes.The first institutions that authorities close in any epidemic or mass disease – are schools, universities and other educational institutions. This is quite normal and logical because students are in the same place during the day and are in constant contact with each other.

Failures and mistakes that business schools make

Undeniably, the job of a business education marketer requires a fundamental understanding of the audience, specific marketing tools, and solid communication skills. 

How Female Students Choose Schools

Most business schools ideally want to accept equal numbers of men and women to study in the interest of diversification. Business schools carefully select their candidates in order to meet certain parameters for gender, ethnic, national, age, and other forms of diversity.

Who Applies in Round 1?

Most business schools declare that applicants who apply in Round 1 and Round 2 of the application process are on an equal footing. Nonetheless, in recent years, the top business schools have been trying to get more applicants in the first round. In this article, we will try to understand why an R1 applicant is a good catch for business schools. 


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