We organize customized corporate events
between companies and business schools

About corporate events

Starting from 2010, we have built a strong pool of partner-companies in more than 15 countries. These companies are keen on developing personnel and growing their businesses. Having been in a close contact with them on the one side, and business schools on the other, we have gained a clear picture of how customized corporate events can help personnel grow and business schools find motivated and prospective candidates.

What do we do?

We organize closed corporate meetings between companies and business schools in different formats:
Business school admissions team, professors, and alumni with a customized program on company premises.
  • business school representatives will present programs best suited to your staff members, analyze their profiles, and advise on the best ways to upgrade their professional skills.
  • professors will share their expertise and deliver master-classes on selected topics.
  • successful alumni will discuss their experience studying at the business school and how it influenced their career.
Corporate tours to world-leading business schools.
  • personnel will be able to spend time with school top management, students, and professors while investigating the academic environment personally
  • personnel will be able to attend schools lectures, brainstorming sessions, and labs first-hand, chatting with top managers currently studying towards their degrees so they can understand the value for themselves
  • walking around student campus and school hubs, meeting with international
  • students, and visiting growing startups will inspire participants of the corporate tour to become a part of this dynamic environment.

Visiting Silicon Valley and Stanford

Over a week-long business tour of Silicon Valley (California, USA), participants had a genuinely priceless experience, learning many new and interesting ideas.

During the tour, which took place primarily in San Francisco, the participants visited several of the companies considered to be among the largest in the world as well as one of America’s most prestigious universities – Stanford – where young innovative entrepreneurs are trained every year.

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Participants had an opportunity to experience Stanford student life and:
Attend classes on campus
Listen to Stanford professors
Chat with alumni

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