Find new applicants the easy way, without wasting time and money on flights and hotels.
Triple your ROI on applicant recruiting and outreaching.
Enrich every profile with valuable data.

Have you ever experienced one of these problems?

You need to visit dozens of MBA events, meet hundreds of people - just to find 1% of applicants that fully match your school`s expectations.
Your marketing budget is limited but you need to have a diversified class of students from remote areas, underrepresented industries or minorities.
You are very tired from endless flights and hotel stays during the MBA recruiting seasons.
You are not happy with ROI from the MBA events you are visiting again and again.
We do have a better solution for you and your business school - MBA25 LeadGen.
It comes with a lead generation and lead enrichment solution with a sophisticated scoring engine inside.

Here`s how it works with us.
It`s easy to start and gets you quick results:

You provide us the data about your previous applicants that perfectly match your selection criteria.
Our top-notch Ph.D. mathematicians help our AI engine to build the scoring model of your Ideal Applicant.
We`ll load this model in our Lead Search Engine, adjust it on specific MBA related forums, LinkedIn and FB groups ...and here you go! You will get the first results immediately, and the updates on a regular basis.
When we identify the first leads for prospective applicants, our engine will carefully enrich every profile with valuable data (full LinkedIn profile, full contact information, education, work experience, test scores).
Now you can contact your perfect applicant: ask him to join any event on campus or online, arrange a personal interview and finally get his application! With such an approach the cost of your acquaintance will be 5 times less than by regular way. The ROI of your marketing activity will be 3-5 times higher.

Let us help you to do your business better - ask us to provide you with a pilot project with your educational institution.

Dmytriy Bondar

Dmytriy Bondar

CEO (North America)

Skype: bondardmitriy

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