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Boutique MBA25 events

Being in the GMAT test prep business from 2003, we have helped thousands of applicants on their way to MBA/EMBA degrees. Striving to give our students the best preparation for the application process, we attended countless MBA fairs. While participating in these events, we noticed how poor the service could be and how ill-prepared most participants were – attendees would often end up coming just to gather a few brochures with some basic information …

It showed us that one of the most important stages of the preparation process was lacking: effective communication between potential candidates and schools. We decided to reimagine the whole MBA event format, to make it as productive and interesting as possible for both sides. That was the moment that the MBA25 company and our MBA25 Boutique Events were born.

What are Boutique MBA25 events ?

These are series of offline events, where admission teams from 25 top-ranked business schools meet prospective MBA/EMBA applicants.

Different formats for better results!

1-to-1 meetings

  • Up to 12 personal meetings with potential MBA/EMBA candidates.
  • Candidates are carefully preselected based on the school’s criteria.

Info sessions

  • 40-minute presentation and Q&A session about your business school.
  • More than 50 high-potential candidates present during the info session.

Round tables

  • 30-minute meetings with up to 8 preselected candidates.
  • Informal conversation where participants can find out more about the program and meet other potential candidates.

Panel discussions

  • Discussion with a group of alumni to about opportunities after the MBA/EMBA.
  • Candidates are carefully preselected based on the school’s criteria.

What makes us different?


Innovative CRM system and registration form.

Designed by the dedicated MBA25 IT team, our system allows us to preselect candidates by numerous criteria, set up personal meetings, and have 24/7 access to profiles. Only candidates that are preselected by a business school can attend the school’s event.

Preparation of the prospective candidates before the event.

Preselected candidates consult MBA25 specialists during short online meetings about business school programs, funding opportunities, and key points of the application process before the event.


The best service, for better results.

Quality comes first. Proper marketing strategy and event management helps us achieve the it.

How was it?

We have already organized 109 fairs in 21 countries!

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