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The Myth, ‘MBA Gets You Nowhere’, Busted

When a wannabe manager considers taking a shot at an MBA, he or she is plagued by all sorts of questions. Is business education even necessary nowadays? Perhaps, it would be better to study somewhere overseas? Is it worthwhile to put so much money and effort into getting a degree in business administration? In short, does an MBA take you where you want to go?

The Top-5 of Highest Paying MBA Jobs for Graduates

Moving from analyst to management roles, that is what business school graduate programs are often compiled how, in a way to help seniors to go up the corporate ladder more fast. These positive changes lead to a salary growth. 

MBA25 Events Review: Autumn 2019

2019 is coming to an end, which means it’s time to look back on its highlights! It has been an interesting and action-packed year full of both individual and open events involving numerous fascinating speakers and other business education enthusiasts. But let’s take it one step at a time.

Trends in Education of 2020

Online teaching and learning through the last years have become very popular and looks like the popularity will only increase and gain momentum. For the education digital learning is getting a steady way of receiving instructions, access to different information, supporting better academic performance and students progress.

Best of the Best: Top-5 of Business Schools, Financial Times Rank 2019

The last year was really tough for the business schools all over the world and in USA too, and even those being of the highest interest for the applicants faced a tangible decline in the number of students. Despite this fact, the names of the most remarkable institutions in the top 10 of the FT’s 2019 Global MBA ranking remain the same as the year before.

MBA25 Events Review. Autumn 2018

Full report on autumn 2018 events organized by MBA25.Business Education Forum in 6 different cities around the world and 2 individual events for business schools in Tbilisi and Moscow.

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