Business Tours
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International trips as a case study at the leading companies complete perfectly
the academic knowledge of any program.

Business Tours

In collaboration with our «sister-company» FastForward we organize the International Education Trips for Master’s, MBA, EMBA programs to any country of Asia, Europe and the USA.

13 years of experience in organizing business tours for corporative clients from Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan gave the wide networking and personal business relations with the leading companies in Europe, Asia, USA and more than 200 successful tours.

Now we are ready to propose this product to Business Schools!

Why MBA25?

Reasons to make it with MBA25:
Trip is up to your study focus;
Business meetings with the top-management;
Any program can be combined with the academic challenge and visits to other Business Schools;
Business School receive: increasing the value of the program, strong loyal relationship with the leading companies in Asia, USA and Europe.

Students receive: real working tactics, strategies; wide networking with the managerial stuff, possibility to find a job in a business dream team, settle a partnership relationship with the host company;

The purpose of the trip is to acquaint students of the master's program with the specifics of Chinese business, let them feel all the space innovations on themselves, ask the necessary questions to market giants, Big Data Analysis specialists.

We prepared the educational tour for MBA group of Human Sciences and Technology for top-ranked European School as a part of their international trip to China.

Up to 7 days! More than 10 companies! A lot of insights and innovations!
During this time you will have the opportunity to visit companies such as:

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