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How To Make Your B-School Application Process Easier

If you plan ahead, applying for an MBA program will become much less stressful, and your chances will improve greatly. Our recommendations will help you to prepare thoroughly and to make your application package far more competitive.

Visit University Campus

Not many prospective students know that the earlier you visit your dream school’s campus, the better you are prepared to study there. According to Manhattan Prep, a perfect time would be in February or March. While visiting, you not only can talk to the admissions officers of your school, but also to find out more about its atmosphere, its faculty and its curriculum. If you have more on-hand information about your future school, you will be able to write much better essays when the time comes to prepare your application package. It’s much better than just reading up on your university.

Talk To People

The next stage will be to arrange a talk or even a meeting with some current or former students (alumni) of your target school. From such talks, you will learn much more than you would just from reading the school’s web site or advertising brochures. If you refer to some of this people’s experience and information, it will make your essays much stronger. It would also be a great thing to visit some classes at your future university: in this way, you will be prepared for how classes are taught at your program and find out things that no web site or books or talks could show you. With such direct approach, it will be much easier to show that you are indeed a great fit for the school of your choice.

Learn More About Your Future Career

For many aspiring students, it’s not a simple task to assess their career plans correctly and to the point. Most schools, however, require their applicants share their professional goals in a special essay. That is why – especially if your target career is in finance or consulting – you should start asking around and talking to people in the business right now. If you don’t know some of the ropes already, your career goal essay will be too vague and non-informative, without any signs of personal involvement. On the contrary, if you acquire profound knowledge about your future profession, it will give you a much-desired edge.

Another great thing to do profession-wise would be volunteering before you enter business school. It can provide a meaningful experience which you will be able to share in your essay, as well as give you an advantage over your competitors. If it is possible, you should also try yourself in a leadership position in your community or organization. Business programs are all about leadership, and if you can already boast some first-hand knowledge about it, it will facilitate your way along the application process.

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