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How Much Time Exactly Is Necessary To Prepare For The GMAT?

While studying at a higher education institution, it’s pretty much impossible to get a satisfying answer to the pressing question ‘how much do I actually need to put into this assignment to get it exactly right?’ So, you learn to never ask such things.

However, if it concerns the GMAT, you hardly can avoid this issue. You’re not a student anymore, which means the exact amount of free time you have in store has diminished drastically. Your carefully saved preparation time can’t be wasted by any means. That’s why asking about this is legitimate and logical. Surely, there is never an ultimate answer for that. More than anything else, it depends on your prospective results and your GMAT level.

What Is Your School Of Choice?

According to, every single school has a set of requirements, which includes the average student GMAT score. The range of the required result ultimately depends on the program.

Of course, if your ambition is to find your way into one of the top respectable b-schools, your GMAT results will have to improve. To learn how big you have to score to enroll in your dream school, consult its web site and comparative studies of top universities’ requirements.

So, knowing your goal score is already a good start. Still, you’ll need more information before you can draw your GMAT preparation plan.

What Is Your GMAT Level?

Suppose you are aspiring to enter a top school – does it mean you’ll need to sacrifice more time for studies, if the required score is high? It’s not quite as clear-cut as you imagine. Even if you are okay with settling for one of the less prominent schools, their lower requirements don’t always mean you can just lay back and give your studies less time.

The amount of your studies doesn’t only depend on your preferred score; mostly, it hinges on your current skills.

Let’s say you need 690 points at GMAT. It’s quite enough to open a way to a runner-up business school or to give you a shot at one of the top-notch ones, if you have a sufficient job experience and something to stand out among all other applicants.

Now you know your goal – but how far from it are you right now? What score would you have if you took the GMAT today? To find out, look for a practice test at an official web site and take it.

You are going to need a test that resembles the real thing in all detail, with all the sections present. You’ll also need to set the accurate time limits for yourself.

If your actual score is 650 or even more, there will be no need to allot much time to your studies; just give your skills a review and practice a bit to keep your math in shape. If it’s lower, though, your GMAT preparation might take a little longer than planned.

After you learn your current score, it’s high time to start making a thorough study plan. Knowing what exactly you need to review and learn will help you estimate the time needed for your preparation.

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