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AI creeps into the work of MBA careers advisers

Thanks to technology, the process of finding the first postgraduate job has become different now. Many startups (some of them launched by former MBA students) are dealing directly with careers departments at business schools.

Vmock: Machine Learning to Improve CVs

For instance, there’s a system analyzing resumes called Vmock. It uses AI methods and machine learning to make resumes better. CV’s of MBA students are compared with resumes written by people who managed to land well-paid jobs. Each assessed resume is given a score for effectiveness and feedback to make corrections (like improve the grammar or change the list of achievements).

According to The Financial Times, Vmock was launched eight years ago by two MBA alumni – Salil (Chicago Booth School of Business) and Kiran (Kellogg School of Management) Pande.

The algorithm software produced by Vmock is paid for annually by more than a hundred universities, top business schools included. The yearly subscription price is $19.95 per person. By how, the program has analyzed more than 1 million student resumes.

According to Salil Pande, the company, which recently obtained almost $5 million in private equity funds, has been created to meet the needs of students facing graduation and job hunting.

At first, Salil and Kiran wanted to create VR interview services to help students test their confidence at mock interviews. However, after several talks with university career departments, they switched to resume analyzing algorithms instead.

By all means, Vmock isn’t as good as a professional job consultant. Still, with its help students can make their CV’s much more presentable and comprehensive. The software is used not only by American universities, but also by top higher education institutions overseas, like London Business School.

Alternative Job Hunting Software Companies

Vmock is not the only software to help students find their prospective jobs. Another system to manage careers is called 12Twenty. It was launched by a LA-based company. With the help of this program, the MBA hiring activity is tracked and students can use salary and interview data to find out whether they would have a chance at the company they plan to work at.

Such tools won’t replace a good career consultant, but they provide immense help to career departments at universities, freeing their hands to do other useful work for students. For instance, there’s the very serious problem of choosing from many career options, like fintech startup companies.

Another company, TransparentCareer, helps students and graduates to assess job opportunities on the market. Launched by Chicago Booth alumni Kevin Marvinac and Mitch Kirby, it is one of the largest databases for job-hunting students and is used by almost a half of prospective MBA job seekers in the USA.

Not only students are using this system – business owners also buy subscription to this database, as it helps them in recruiting graduates straight out of business schools. TransparentCareer founders being former MBA students, this system has also appeared to help everyone struggling with finding a postgraduate job.

According to Kevin Marvinac, the hardest part of launching the database was the inability to obtain salary levels data from business owners.

According to Solomon George (GlobalMBACareer founder), such technological solutions cannot be the only tool used to find a successful job. Training for interviews, coaching and support provided by career advisers are still in high demand. To assess human beings, machine-based simple logic is just not enough.

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