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Tesla Heads To Tuck For 1st Case Comp

A large case competition will be hosted by Dartmouth Tuck Business School this September. The competition will include several business school teams. New Tesla Model 3 is expected to be featured prominently at this event.

MBA students all over the US have acknowledged Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, to be their poster boy. Still, this admiration doesn’t always go both ways. According to Musk, an MBA education doesn’t give you all that’s needed to become a successful entrepreneur. However, Tesla’s anti-MBA rhetoric may become less harsh in the nearest future.

Poets and Quants reports that Tesla has never been against hiring MBAs and using the benefits of their special education. There are some full-time Tesla employees holding an MBA degree, and more among its interns. Even the company’s management members have degrees in business. And this September, Tesla will take part in the case competition, one of the longest-standing customs of business schools.

At the event, Tesla representatives will give a business case to all the teams from best universities that will gather at Dartmouth Tuck. The event will take place on September 22. Along with Dartmouth Tuck, the participating teams include Harvard, Stanford, Cornell Johnson, Chicago Booth, UC-Berkeley Haas, Kellogg, Virginia Darden and Texas McCombs – the best of the elite business schools in the US. There may be other participants, such as MIT Sloan or Wharton.

Tesla being synonymous with innovation and Elon Musk being idolized by many b-school students and graduates, it’s no wonder that they were invited to this special business school event.

Tuck’s First Hosting of Case Competitions

Actually, it’s Dartmouth Tuck’s first time hosting a business school case competition. That’s why its alumni, Stephanie Foley and Alen Amini, decided to organize the hosting of this event at their alma mater. For them, the most important thing was to find a representative of a large American business to partake in the competition. Consequently, Foley, who was an intern at Tesla, set to work. She has been asking Tesla management to take part in Tuck’s competition since May this year, and eventually they agreed.

According to Stephaney Foley, she actually managed to persuade the Tesla management to drop their strong anti-MBA policy. When the electric car company was on board, Foley and Amini started preparations. Everyone at Tuck, students and faculty alike, are looking forward to Tesla’s case at the event.

What Will the Case Be?

According to Amini, Tesla’s case has not been fully prepared yet. Still, Amini and Foley believe that the company will find some advantage in talking to many young and talented future entrepreneurs from top US universities.

Tesla’s plans to make electric cars a part of mass market are apparently going well: it has already secured $1.8 billion in bonds, with almost 500,000 reservations. There is one problem, though: production of new Model 3 will have to reach a scale yet unseen by the company.

As of mid-August, no one yet knows what case Tesla is going to present. The details of the case will be presented to competitors only a week before the event. During the competition itself, the students will be given several hours, and then report to the Tesla representative. For now, we know only the vaguest idea of Tesla’s case being about “elevating the car industry to the next level with the help of innovation”.

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