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Brexit Britain’s MBAs Defy Expectations to Lure Overseas Students

In light of United Kingdom’s vote to exit from the European Union, there were many worries that it would be much more difficult for Britain’s best schools to keep admitting students from overseas and provide businesses with fresh international talent.

Is Brexit Something to Worry About?

Many people were concerned that the Brexit would scare foreign students off and prevent them from entering British universities. There were even some threats from international corporations to close their London offices and thus narrowing the job pool for British graduates, Financial Times reports.

However, there are reasons for British business schools to regain some of the lost optimism.

According to recent GMAC data, in spite of the vote to leave the EU, there are even more foreign students who want to enter British business schools. For instance, at Imperial College Business School, international demand is growing, in some cases by no less than 50%.

Unlike the UK, only one third of American business schools showed a rising amount of applications from overseas (in 2016 it was 49%). We can only conclude that the political changes in the USA have given international students more reasons to be concerned than Brexit.

This information shows that not all political changes are crippling for attracting international talent. Currently, the UK continues to enjoy the same advantages of innovation, modern programs and research in their business schools.

Additionally, most British business schools have emphasized on their desire to continue relations with the European Union and other countries.

Globalization Is Still Vital for STEM Universities

At Imperial College Business Schools, the most crucial thing is globalization, which reflects on all education happening in its walls. The opportunity of attracting international students and faculty is vital, as they are the only means of giving more diversity to the school, as well as broadening everyone’s horizons and preparing students for growing challenges of global business.

The actual increase in the number of overseas applicants shows that British business schools are superior to many others in terms of education quality. Being a STEM facility, Imperial College is able to give a unique experience to all students with entrepreneurial talent. At this educational institution, students are prepared to take the best opportunities and face the most difficult challenges in such modern fields as fintech, health management, analytics, big data and others.

chool-businesses relations are also vital for global students – and London can offer plenty of them, being a world-renowned business hub and a cradle for many prominent startups.

Many flamboyant markets have their headquarters in London – from finance to tech. Thus, international students will find many lifetime options by staying in the UK’s capital.

Even the fall of the pound, which came naturally with the Brexit, has made British business schools that much more accessible: now, international students can get a top business school MBA for a lower price, particularly compared to similar universities in the US.

To stay attractive for global students and faculty, British STEM universities should keep on being innovative and open to the world.

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