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How MBA students make the most of LinkedIn

Business schools consider social networks profiles to be very important for the students’ prospective careers.

Claire Gaudissart, career development manager at Essec, teaches MBA students how to make their LinkedIn profile pitch perfect. One of her students who hailed from Japan said he didn’t have to take part in her course, as LinkedIn wasn’t so popular in his country. Claire asked him to attend the workshop even if it seemed unnecessary, and guess what? After he created a stunning LinkedIn profile, he found a great job at a… Japanese-based company.

Before the advance of social networks, top companies just went to campus and found their job candidates at schools. Nowadays, social networks such as LinkedIn are no less important in landing a perfect job, as many recruiters use these tools to headhunt. Claire Gaudissart says she always looks at LinkedIn profiles of people she has to meet, FT reports.

How do you create a great LinkedIn profile?

  • Make a good headlinecc
  • Use keywords in your profile to help recruiters find you
  • Customize your URL to make your page more noticeable
  • Take a nice photo to show on your page
  • Show how ambitious you are in your summary: it should reflect your professional goals
  • Don’t use clichés in your summary

The vast majority of people who were looking for a job via the Internet, used LinkedIn as their primary medium. According go GMAC data, LinkedIn, which currently boasts 500,000,000 users, was used as the main social network for job hunting by 92% job seekers.

MIT Sloan School of Management also has a course in improving LinkedIn profiles. Many recruiters feel that LinkedIn is an absolute must for headhunting, even if they state that they never use social networks for recruiting.

One Brigham Young University graduate, Derek Pando, gave tips on creating a LinkedIn profile on his blog called Tech Waffles. His experience with the social network helped him get his dream job at LinkedIn itself, as he knew one former Brigham Young University student who already worked for the company.

Social networks like LinkedIn are extremely useful for MBAs who prefer to work for a company that doesn’t seek out their job candidates directly, but uses the Internet for that.

Anyway, a good LinkedIn profile is helpful not only for people looking for a job. It can also pave your way to an extensive network and career progress.

Thanks to LinkedIn, people can go outside the limit of the usual chronological CV and show their aspirations and future plans. Your uniqueness can be best reflected in your headline and summary.

Keywords are also important, as recruiters tend to use them for headhunting. The three main principles for writing a summary are: ‘Who are you? What do you do best? What do you plan on doing next?’

Publishing blog entries at LinkedIn is a good way to make your profile more interesting, but you should avoid spamming. Your real-life personality should be mirrored by your social network activity, and the results of polishing your profile can be extremely awarding – just try not to overdo it.

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