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Warwick links up with Paris and Brussels universities

To keep its access to students and research from Europe after Brexit, the University of Warwick decided to join teaching efforts with universities of Paris and Brussels.

As a result, Warwick has struck a partnership with Vrije Universiteit Brussel and L’Universite Paris Seine to keep its connections to the European Union without the need of starting a campus in other European countries, like many other British universities. The negotiations for this shared project began in February 2017, when members of five British universities gathered in Paris to discuss the aftermath of Brexit at the Built Beyond Borders conference, FT reports.

Warwick’s joint programs with Paris-Seine University

According to the Paris-Seine president, Francois Germinet, the goal of the conference is mutual benefit: Warwick has admitted more students last year, but lack access to international campuses would take from the student experience. That’s where Paris can help.

Warwick vice chancellor Stuart Croft argues that his university has no time to wait until politicians decide the UK’s further role in all-European research and teaching. Thanks to international research and teaching team-ups, students, faculty and researchers have benefited immensely, producing more innovation and securing more jobs. Hence, British universities are willing to show that they are ready to work together even in the current political situation.

The signing of the agreement between the universities will take place at Warwick’s London campus. Afterwards, a new research and teaching collaboration program will be drawn up for the next 4 years.

One of the plans established by Paris-Seine University and Warwick includes developing a joint masters degree in mathematical modeling, as well as several fellowships for researchers, five joint PHD jobs and shared mathematical teaching positions. Also, student exchanges for masters in finance will take place between Essec Business School in Paris and its Warwick counterpart.

Shared programs at Warwick and Vrije University (Belgium)

With the Belgian university, a double masters degree program will be founded to link the Vrije University and Warwick’s politics and international studies programs. Two research fellowships will be funded jointly.

Vrije university rector, Caroline Pauwels, believes that the agreement will provide great benefit for all educational institutions involved. In her opinion, European universities and cultures should tear down the walls between their countries built by politicians.

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