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You Don’t Need A High GPA To Get Into A Top MBA

To get admitted into a top business school, you don’t have to have a great GPA. MBA experts assert that any other part of the business school application is more important than your college GPA.

According to P&Q, MBA programs are not like other schools: here, your admittance is not number-based, but depends mostly on what kind of person you are.

Show Character and Leadership

According to experts, there are two things much more important than any GPA: leadership and character. Schools, as Dean J.P. Maychak (Boston University) believes, can pick whoever they admit by looking at their character.

Admissions officers agree that, while a high GPA can be helpful, business schools don’t look too closely at them. The reason lies in the vast number of international students applying from different countries, where the undergraduate system is very different from the U.S. That’s why it would be impossible for companies to compare various college transcripts with any kind of fairness. Hence, business schools rely on universal things, like personal skills.

What If You Have a Low GPA?

Of course, it would be wrong to say that the GPA doesn’t matter at all. It’s still a part of your MBA application, so you’ll have to address it in your essay if it’s too low.

Stacy Blackman of Stacy Blackman Consulting offers some useful tips for how you should address your low marks in your essay: you should never say that you failed a subject because you didn’t like it or it was boring. If you do that, the admissions committee will think you’ll have problems with the not-so-interesting courses in the MBA curriculum. The right way would be to mention things that can compensate for your underperformance in some courses. You should prove that, although not all your marks were great, you learned from this negative experience and are now doing much better.

What Is A Low GPA Exactly?

If your college GPA is lower than 3.2, you’ll have to address it in your business school application. It doesn’t automatically mean you won’t get admitted – you just have to use this opportunity to show how you’ve grown after college, to talk about changes in your character and skills.

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