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"We create premium themed websites for the most demanding users. We work for The Best with The Best."


We are focused on four business areas.



Business, finance and law websites

We create portals, which are socially engaged, opinion-forming and quoted most frequently of all business websites.

We have been running, which is the biggest financial website as well as the biggest business media in Poland, with great engagement for several years. We have also created a leading Polish portal with legal advice -, a specialized magazine integrating people of the internet - and a website containing offers of service providers -

We help our users make the most challenging financial decisions: we present savings investment possibilities, we advise on incurring liabilities and buying real estate, finding a new job and improving the level of professional skills.

We are the leader, because we can explain the most difficult issues in a clear, comprehensive, but , most importantly, professional way. We provide you with tools and skills thanks to which you can easily understand and analyse various financial issues on your own.


Premium class lifestyle websites

We use the experience we have gained while running to create premium class internet lifestyle magazines: and which advise over a million users how to spend money wisely and creatively on personal development and high class entertainment.



Over the years, we have helped hundreds of thousands of Polish people make the most difficult financial decisions. On our e-commerce platform our users save not only money, but also valuable time. Thanks to the solutions we offer, they can choose loan and investment options of the biggest financial institutions without leaving their house.




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Format: portals, which are socially engaged, opinion-forming and quoted most frequently of all business websites.

Audience: experts, managers, managers, senior managers


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