BZN start

BZN start


"BZN start" - is a leader of young business in Lithuania!

Who we are?

We are organiser:

  • Of the biggest young business encyclopedia BZN start „Startups WIKI”
  • The most challenging Startup born in Lithuania
  • Startup AWARDS

It is a business magazine, in which only the positive and inspiring business stories. We getting firsthand information how to build a business.  We trying encourage people to do Great Things!

Together with us  you will get know first about business conditions, business relevant problems and their solutions, acquaintances or friends of business success stories, corporate events, public financial support and other business opportunities. We have exclusive TV show with LNK group INFO TV  "how to start a business in a foreign countries". Discussing about business opportunities in a different country compared with the Lithuanian taxes, the other information useful for businesses.


BZN start got AWARD for  “ The best eMedia Project “ LOGIN 2012

Partner profile


By age

  • 18 - 24 (15 %)
  • 25 - 35 (50 %)
  • > 36 (35 %)

By status

  • 65 % of auditorium has own business
  • 35 % employees





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