Nobody composes English as well as a native writer.

That simple fact guided the owners of Agency to build what is today one of the most successful English-language proofreading and composing agencies in Kazakhstan. We've hired the most talented ghost writers we could find from several English-speaking countries, and put them to use in helping the brightest and most ambitious stars of the Kazakh academic world reach their dreams.

The services we offer include not just editing and proofreading of English texts, our specialty, but also the composing of the most brilliant, inspiring, and impressive passages that suit any purpose. We can take your work, be it a simple outline on a subject featuring science and engineering, or a pre-submission draft of a essay written for a course on business leadership, and turn it into polished prose that flows naturally and beautifully.

We can also provide suggested texts, written from very basic information you provide, that might be used to answer important questions in applications or coursework. All work is done using original writing composed by native English speakers, with appropriate citations - we don't plagiarize.

Agency also offers help with writing and formatting English-language resumes and curricula vitae (CVs) that highlight your most outstanding and promising features and experiences. We can get your foot in the door for any profession at any company with easy-to-read cover letters, suggested letters of recommendation or reference, or other forms of business correspondence written in professional and easy-to-read language.

Our English-language essay writers produce materials that we are sure will suit your needs. We are quite proud of the motivational writing that our native speakers produce for our clients, whose dreams cover a broad spectrum of desires and goals. 

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