Promoting and preparing young people for self-employment

The Young Business Club is a non-profit club that offers young people between the ages of 14 and 25 the opportunity to visit one of the most exclusive business clubs – Airport Club Frankfurt – as a guest. There, they can engage in conversation with successful businesspeople, attend a number of different courses at weekends and take part in high-profile events on business-related topics at Airport Club Frankfurt. All of this is provided for a small membership fee of just 120 euros and affordable course fees (between 25 and 39 euros). Those needing assistance in paying fees can apply for sponsorship. 

The Young Business Club is pursuing its vision of teaching young people how to lead responsible lives and careers based on self-determination in a realistic business environment. In times like these, when job changes and a lack of prospects are part of everyday life, it is becoming increasingly important for young people to consider self-employment (based on their talent, commitment and interest) as a career option. Get advice on a number of subjects, from starting out in the business world to specific skills young people living alone for the first time need to tackle everyday issues.

Together with other clubs with similar missions, the Young Business Club is focused on laying the foundations for successful entrepreneurship. 

The Young Business Club works in cooperation with Startup Teens, EBS Alumni and APP CAMPS. Commerzbank AG has already graciously agreed to sponsor the club.

Partner profile

Young Business Club

C/O Airport Club
Frankfurt GmbH
Frankfurt Airport Center I
60549 Frankfurt, Germany

Contact: Reina Mehnert,

mobile: +49 (0)172 311 3001

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