From University to Business

From University to Business


The "From University to Business" training program is commonly intended for last course students and young staff of economics, public relations, accounting, tax and human resources fields.

The aim of this training program is to prepare students for business life in the above-mentioned areas and hence the formation of ready-made young staff.
In addition, as we know, it is essential to have a complex knowledge of the mentioned areas in order to get a job and build a career. By taking this into consideration, the training program is offered to the students in the form of a package.
To the end of the training program, each student will be guided by the preparation of CV in  English and Azerbaijani languages as well as for the interview.
We believe that this program will play a major role in helping many companies acquire an experienced staff, as we already get good results and proud of hearing the good news of our alumni who are currently employed by different well-known companies.

Professional staff can also be benefited from our separate training programs offered on Tax, Finance, Practical Accounting, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Business English.

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